In What Language

Available on:    Vijay Iyer's genre-defying collaboration with poet/hip-hop artist Mike Ladd is a series of monologues by people of color navigating the hyper-globalized setting of an international airport. Featuring an eleven-member ensemble of musicians and speaking voices, this is the album version of the acclaimed multi-media performance piece of the same name. Co-produced by [...]

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Your Life Flashes

Available on:    Debut of the collaborative trio project Fieldwork, featuring Iyer, saxophonist Aaron Stewart, and drummer Elliot Kavee "a terrific disc, filled with vibrant playing and wondrous ideas" - The Boston Globe "terse, spellbinding miniatures that never stand still" - The Village Voice "Fieldwork is doing an excellent job of immersing itself in the [...]

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Panoptic Modes

Available on:    High-energy quartet music with Rudresh Mahanthappa, Stephan Crump, and Derrek Phillips. This cd was chosen as one of the best jazz albums of 2001 in The New Yorker and The Village Voice. "sends a ripple through the jazz universe" - "Iyer's spiky chords, precise phrasing, and surprising linear improvisations are consistently [...]

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   Original music for trio, octet, & solo piano. With Rudresh Mahanthappa, Aaron Stewart, Eric Crystal, Liberty Ellman, Jeff Brock, Kevin Ellington Mingus, and Brad Hargreaves. "utterly remarkable... rhythmically challenging, smartly composed, and burns through with passionate playing and improvisation" - (top 10 list for 2000) "genius... epitomizing new jazz at its best." - [...]

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   Solo piano, trio, quartets, quintet. With Steve Coleman, Francis Wong, George Lewis, Kash Killion, Liberty Ellman, Jeff Bilmes, Elliot Kavee, Jeff Brock, and Brad Hargreaves. "vibrant with an Ellingtonian elegance... thoughtfully conceived and gorgeously executed." - The Montclarion "one of the most outstanding examples of original contemporary jazz I can remember hearing in a [...]

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