Vijay enjoyed this interview with Forbes Senior Contributor Steve Baltin:

“Compassion, according to an online definition, “is a social feeling that motivates people to go out of their way to relieve the physical, mental, or emotional pains of others and themselves.” In that respect, Compassion is an incredibly fitting title for the gorgeous new album from jazz great Vijay Iyer,

The Grammy-winning pianist, playing on the album with friends Tyshawn Sorey (drums) and Linda May Han Oh (bass), has delivered a masterful work that overflows with beauty, feeling, warmth and sensitivity. So, whether you want to call it compassion, empathy or something else, the gorgeous record will make you feel and confront your humanity. Like so much great art, Compassion mirrors the best of the human spirit and elevates that spirit…

Steve Baltin: As someone who spends so much time on college campuses do you feel these are more interesting and transitional times than in past or social media is just exposing all this more?

Vijay Iyer: I think certainly a lot has been exposed about the systems we live by, under and within, all these forces that shape our lives, all these supposed shared values are being tested because so much truth has been exposed. What’s being exposed is the degree to which injustice is baked into the system. And that’s what students are rising up against. This is what they do, students are often trying to force a difficult conversation because these issues aren’t being addressed through normal channels. I’m really encouraged by this youth movement that is so forthright and so moral and unified. It’s really inspiring for all of us.”